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I've planned to add support to my home-maid automation software.
To describe it in some words : a suite of python programs using mqtt. All the background (such as polling, configuration) is already done over mqtt.
For example, to "push" on a switch, I "speak" to a python server over mqtt. This one light on the push and return it's state over mqtt.
Sensors send their state over mqtt when it's needed but they can also be "called".

As openremote does not support mqtt directly, I was thinking of a kind of gateway.
My first thought was using http to achieve this ... but after looking at docs and browsing the forums, I'm not sure it's the best way to achieve this.
Maybe telnet / udp listener should be a better choice ?
Maybe another ...
So what "your" best way to do it guys?
Have you some docs or links about that

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