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Windows 10 installation.

I am not a programmer so some of the instructions are difficult.

I had a standard JAVA on the system but the requirement is for a Java developer kit so I installed C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_65.

No problem here. Some threads instruct installation of Tomcat with specific instructions on naming. I tried to do that and it did not work.

Then the instructions are:

"Unpack the zip file on your filesystem. Start CMD shell from Start menu by selecting Run and enter 'cmd'. Change to the unpacked OpenRemote bin\ directory and enter 'openremote run' on the command line."

Cannot get this to work. No problem with the unzip. Got the cmd line but cannot change to OpenRemote bin or enter "openremote run" on the command line.

Please help me. This appears to be the software I need but I want to experiment with it before buying the full package.



It sounds like you're lucky enough to have never experienced MS DOS, or any command line interface.

You just need a little info regarding command line instructions.

So here is a crash course.

In your command prompt, use a selection of the following commands.
(If you need any more info from them, add a /? after the command)

So to start with..

DIR will show you what items are in the folder you are currently in.

CD will change the current folder.

So use

CD C:/

To go to the root of your main hard drive.


DIR to see the folders

In the list you will see the OPENREMOTE2.1 folder (unless its called something else, or it resides elsewhere)

CD openremote2.1

Will take you to the folder


Dir will show you the .BAT file and the .sh file

Next you need to start OpenRemote

This is done by calling the BAT file, with the run instruction after it

OpenRemote.bat run


OpenRemote.bat start

(Run shows activity, for silent running use start)

I'm not sure how to stop OpenRemote properly, up to now I've just used 'CTRL'&C

I'm sure someone will comment on the correct way.

Once OpenRemote is up and running.

Swap to a web browser and use this URL for the free version.


When you swap to the Pro version, you'll need to use


Good luck

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Thanks for the detailed guide. It along with the Windows pdf instructions were all I needed to complete the installation.

Your instruction would be helpful to all new users who are not command line knowledgeable.


Posted by thomasf at Dec 24, 2015 19:22
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