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A quick update on X10: Jerome Velociter provided a high-quality patch earlier based on an X10 Java-lib from J. Peterson. I've integrated it into trunk so it's going into the OR Boss 1.0 release being tagged this week.

There are still some stability issues I am seeing which I'm going to try to track down before the end of the week if I can. You can follow the discussion on our issue tracker here:

I've done the following, all of which have been committed to trunk

  • updated J.Peterson's lib to packages
  • updated to latest stable RXTX 2.1-7r2
  • included J.Peterson's X10 lib in our source build with patches from and one of my own (not at all pretty one, needs some real cleanup)

This seems to have gotten around the thread inconsistency issue I was seeing on Windows.

Yet to see if it got rid of the total JVM crash I was seeing on Voyage.

On the positive side, things seem to work wrt X10 on Windows again – however, it's not exactly stable, there's an issue with COM port sometimes being in use when new command is being issued. This pops up an error dialog on iPhone but retrying the command afterwards works again (and at least the thread remains alive which was an issue with the earlier javax.comms based 2.0 version of RXTX).

So I am calling it good enough for now to close this issue. Will work on X10 stability later though.

The COM port issue could be either due to X10 library's use of javax.comms (now API or in the RXTX lib itself. This brings me back to the earlier point about rewriting the whole serial comms using an APR based daemon (that and the fact I was seeing full JVM crashes on Voyage).

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