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I'm having a hard time trying to setup xbmc/kodi in the same windows machine that run openremote controller 2.1.0

But every time i press a button the log file give me the fallowing error

org.apache.http.client.HttpResponseException: Unsupported Media Type

I fallowed those instruction and.

but i missing something,

Someone in the forum know how solve this.

Thanks in advance.


Did you use the content type attribute?

Posted by mredeker at May 03, 2015 22:23

Hi Marcus. Thanks now is working.

One more question. I want to start kodi in a macro called for example watch movie but i can't find the command to start it or quit from kodi.

i don't want to use kore or yatse because someone by mistake can shutdown the machine that run both controller and kodi.

Any advice?

Posted by edito at May 10, 2015 16:43

If you have your commands working you should see them in the macro editor window when you want to create a new macro in OpenRemote.

Posted by mredeker at May 10, 2015 20:41

Actually i'm failing to set properly the workload attribute for the

QUIT command.

In fact only the 7 command in the guide for xbmc with openremote are working.

Posted by edito at May 11, 2015 05:40

Here is a link to the documentation for RPC JSON Quit:
This page describes the complete API which can be used via network.

Posted by mredeker at May 11, 2015 08:57


Now is working. If you now where i can find a how to setup yamaha ip control with open remote will be very appreciated.

Just the Denos receivers have a how to.

Thanks again.

Posted by edito at May 19, 2015 02:20
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