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I plan that my diploma work will based on OR.
My main aim is to make ZigBee integration in OR.
So, question is - should a make changes in OR code to make ZigBee support or it's better to make this:
OR <--- HTTP --> HTTP parser <-- UART ---> XBee module ?

Hello Roman.
I'm also looking for OR - Zigbee solution. I'm relatively new on OR project, so I'm interested in what was your solution? Do you achieve OR- Zigbee integration?

Thanks for your answer,

Posted by nejc at May 05, 2012 08:59

Not sure which one would be "better" per se. Will depend on the HTTP API you define. Initially a simple HTTP API may be sufficient but over the long term I would guess the controller will benefit from a fairly detailed access to the Zigbee protocol and packets – at this point while it may still be possible to use the HTTP API for this, it may not be terribly efficient.

So HTTP may be an ok first step, longer term the ZB protocol should migrate to controller. Depends also on your scope and time/effort you're putting into this.

Posted by juha at May 07, 2012 21:57

Right now I'm trying to make tcp to zigbee bridge. My tcp server will process commands from OR and send data to ZigBee network via XBee module, connected to PC throw ft232rl chip.

Posted by buldo at May 08, 2012 06:33
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