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I just bought aeotec 4 in 1 multisensory and I just paired it with the z wave stick using auto discovery. But I only see OnOffSensor and command Status. There are more functions for the multi sensor but why didn't the z wave stick detect it. Please help.


The Aeon Labs 4-in-1 MultiSensor is currently not supported. The current implementation does not support the Z-Wave command classes 'COMMAND_CLASS_SENSOR_MULTILEVEL' and 'COMMAND_CLASS_MULTI_CHANNEL'.

We're currently working on a complete rewrite of the Z-Wave protocol and the aforementioned Z-Wave command classes are already implemented. For this reason, the new implementation will have support for the Aeon Labs 4-in-1 MultiSensor with high probability.

With the new Z-Wave protocol implementation it will be possible to configure (associations, parameters) Z-Wave devices. That means no other software is needed in order to setup a Z-Wave network. The command classes, that are needed for configuring Z-Wave devices, are already implemented. What's missing is a GUI that provides the Z-Wave configuration parameters. Therefore I cannot announce a release date.

Posted by rhitz at Aug 14, 2014 11:52

Therefore I cannot announce a release date.

In which release of the Professional version will it be released?

Posted by pz1 at Aug 14, 2014 14:10

This has not been defined yet.
When we feel the Z-wave re-implementation is solid enough and provides enough functionality, we'll introduce it into the Pro roadmap and release as soon as possible.

Posted by ebariaux at Aug 18, 2014 16:40


Posted by hari152 at Aug 21, 2014 02:37

Will the rewritten Z-Wave stack be also available in free version of the controller?

Posted by druciak at Aug 21, 2014 20:23
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