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I succeeded including the aeotec multisensor with the new zwave jar after making the buttons that go with it (include on).
had a posack from the sensor, telling me he is associated.
Found node12.xml on the ebox:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<node id="12">
<manufacturer id="134">AEON Labs</manufacturer>
<basic-device-class id="0x04">BASIC_TYPE_ROUTING_SLAVE</basic-device-class>
<generic-device-class id="0x21">GENERIC_TYPE_SENSOR_MULTILEVEL</generic-device
<specific-device-class id="0x01">SPECIFIC_TYPE_ROUTING_SENSOR_MULTILEVEL</spec
<product-type id="0x0002" />
<product id="0x0064" />
<command-class id="0x31" version="5" name="COMMAND_CLASS_SENSOR_MULTILEVEL_V
5" type="supported">
<sensor id="0x1B" name="ULTRAVIOLET">
<scale id="0x00">ULTRAVIOLET_SCALE_UV_INDEX</scale>
<sensor id="0x01" name="AIR_TEMPERATURE">
<scale id="0x00">AIR_TEMPERATURE_SCALE_CELSIUS</scale>
<sensor id="0x05" name="HUMIDITY">
<scale id="0x00">HUMIDITY_SCALE_PERCENTAGE</scale>
<sensor id="0x03" name="LUMINANCE">
<scale id="0x01">LUMINANCE_SCALE_LUX</scale>
<command-class id="0x72" version="1" name="COMMAND_CLASS_MANUFACTURER_SPECIFIC" type="supp
orted" />
<command-class id="0x30" version="1" name="COMMAND_CLASS_SENSOR_BINARY" type="supported" /
<command-class id="0x80" version="1" name="COMMAND_CLASS_BATTERY" type="supported" />
<command-class id="0x86" version="1" name="COMMAND_CLASS_VERSION" type="supported" />
<command-class id="0x85" version="2" name="COMMAND_CLASS_ASSOCIATION_V2" type="supported"
<command-class id="0x84" version="2" name="COMMAND_CLASS_WAKE_UP_V2" type="supported">
<command-class id="0x70" version="1" name="COMMAND_CLASS_CONFIGURATION" type="supported" /
<command-class id="0x20" version="1" name="COMMAND_CLASS_BASIC" type="supported" />
<configuration hash="C53A1C02A571870943DDCAD1EE417C87">
<association-group id="1" capacity="5">
<parameters />
<wake-up interval="3600" />

But the discovered device wizard doesn't find the sensor...

what steps can I take to make this thing work?

best regards,


The new Z-Wave stack does not support auto-discovery yet.
We focus on making the stack robust and support the most used devices before adding auto-discovery to it.

Posted by ebariaux at Oct 28, 2015 07:46

Eric, thx for your prompt reply. what is the way to go to solve this? I understand it is possible but you must fiddle in one or other with configuration files. where can I find the procedure?


Posted by oliviertoebosch at Oct 28, 2015 11:13
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