This page last changed on Jul 06, 2010 by digitaldan.

I just checked out the newly taged alpha, it seems that the UPNP protocol classes are importing org.openremote.controller.event classes, but I can't find those anywhere in source.  Otherwise everything else builds ok.

Thanks for the report, Dan. I'll look into it.

Posted by juha at Jul 06, 2010 21:28

I've messed something up with the tag, use HEAD from the for now, while I retag the OR Boss 2.0 Alpha.

Posted by juha at Jul 06, 2010 22:50

well better hold on, something's fishy with my local svn it seems, the checkout doesn't match with my local instance.

Posted by juha at Jul 06, 2010 22:55

Works now, thanks Juha.

Posted by digitaldan at Jul 06, 2010 23:36
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