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i have a button wich should turn on my tv and then switch to the tv-screen.
is this possible? - in my tests openremote makes the navigation part without the command part.
openremote only switches to my tv screen.

can anybody help?


action.jpg (image/jpeg)

What console are you using ?

On iOS, the above should work.
On Webconsole, I noticed the issue and this is covered by WEBCONSOLE-64.
Don't know if Android is working fine or not?

Posted by ebariaux at Jan 02, 2014 19:59

ok - i use the webconsole, because we have also windows tablets in the house...
so there is no fix for today? i have to wait for the next webconsole release?

Posted by markuspr at Jan 02, 2014 21:40

Latest build of web console is available here:-

Please delete the existing webconsole.war file from your webapps folder and then paste this one instead. Ctrl+shift+R in the browser to force refresh.

Posted by kurrazyman at Jan 03, 2014 07:54

Tested this build 9495. It initially failed, but after two forced refreshes (CTRL+F5) of the browser it is there.
All my screens looked OK to me. I did try the relative path in Webview (Issue: Webconsole-71). I do keep my local webpages in a directory private under webapps. So I referred to my solar power dial (see here):


Unfortunately this functionality is not yet available for my Android client.

Anything more you want me to look at?

Posted by pz1 at Jan 03, 2014 09:00
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