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Hi fellow openremoters,

It has probably been asked plenty of times but I don't seem to find any answers.

Is it possible to create time events, or triggers depending on time, like "at 20:00 do this", or events depending on days, etc.

I know of the DateTime Protocol and I have got that to work (following the tutorial), but if I want to use that to start a lamp or something how do I do that.

Is it only possible by using "rules" or can it be done by adding commands/sensor/switches and all of that?


At the moment this is only possible with rules

Posted by mredeker at Nov 16, 2014 23:05

Well that's a bummer. I'm a GUI person and like to use buttons.
It's nice though that the rules editor is easy to understand.

Thanks for the reply

Posted by pappabjoern at Nov 17, 2014 09:57
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