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I am using openremote with the controller running on a Raspberry Pi. The rPi is connected to the Internet through a 3G modem, and I am using a tunneling module (pagekite) to get a public IP address that I can use to access the controller from OR mobile app. In the internal network I have also an IPCAM that I want to use to stream video to the OR mobile application. Since I cannot give a public IP addres to the IPCAM, I want to define a Virtual Host / Reverse Proxy so that when I access the public IP of the controller, I can also reach the IPCAM. I understand this can be done in Apache by modifying the httpd.conf file, but I am not able to find this file in the deployemnt of OR for rPI. Can somebody help?

OR is not running with Apache httpd so you'd have to set up httpd separately for your IP cam proxying.

Posted by juha at Feb 09, 2014 01:14
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