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Hi All,

Just wondering if there are any plans for iBeacon support. Estimote blipped up on my radar recently after seeing them mentioned on Techcrunch and then a week later at an IBM hosted retail briefing session.

Wondering to myself, that beyond just retail there could be application within the home automation space - OpenRemote records a sequence of commands as a users preference, upon the user entering an iBeacon zone, it triggers the OpenRemote app to replay the preferences for that zone! Lights, Heating, Home Entertainment.

Sounds like a cool idea, thinking I might sign up for a Dev Kit to have a tinker, although it's been a while since I've coded and would be a first in Objective-C.... thoughts on this as an integration?


Hi Stuart, agree that iBeacon would be a very nice addition to trigger location dependant actions, ranging from 'local' UI to rules, way beyond retail. We love to see a contribution on that. We need the community here to help. Anybody else has thoughts?

Posted by pierre kil at Dec 17, 2013 08:04

Mine just shipped and should be at the office any day now. At home I have two raspberries set up with this configuration:

Have not had any of time to play with them and OR, but its very promising. I was thinking of first tagging a screen with a beacon uuid so when you were in that room, the correct screen would automatically be displayed. Rules would also be awesome.

Posted by digitaldan at Dec 20, 2013 17:42

We are using SensorTag with Ibeacon firmware additional licence needed (with Apple) trivial integration with or
Taftek Poland

Posted by dagoomax at Jun 13, 2014 23:50

Yes, this is indeed something very interesting with many applications.
In fact, the idea should be that many "device sensors" should be able to be included in the OR configuration and link to actions or navigations.

"small scale localization" like what's possible with iBeacon should be one.
Larger scale version like geofencing could be another one.

Please report your progress here and we'll see how we can go further with it and integrate.

Posted by ebariaux at Jun 14, 2014 19:09
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