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As I did start work on the next version of the iOS console, I just wanted to let people know the plan and give everybody a chance to provide feedback as soon as possible.
The main goals for this 2.1 release are:

  • have a universal iPhone/ iPod touch / iPad app
  • review the whole startup experience and the settings screen
  • fix the reported issue on the UI display
  • a lot of code cleaning under the hood

Settings screen review

The Settings screen now displays a list of all the known controllers. Whether they are manually entered or auto-discovered does not matter, they're all in the same list.
When you arrive on the Settings screen, the iOS application tries to contact each of the know controller.
It does this by contacting the controller at the "main" URL (the one you entered or that got discovered) and asking for the round-robin group members.
As it contacts them, it'll display a status icon on the right:

  • spinning "activity" indicator while trying
  • a green dash if connection was OK
  • a red circle if connection was not possible
  • a lock if connection was possible but an authentication was required and either the username/password the console knows about are incorrect or the console does not have any (at this stage, it does not request the credentials to the user)

If you click on the detail disclosure indicator, a page with all the details on this controller is displayed.
From there you can see (and edit) the main controller URL, see a list of the round-robin group members (if connection was possible).
The credentials are also displayed (not the password) and editable.
As soon as you change any of the editable value, a connection to that specific controller, with the newly entered value, is tried.

When you return to the settings page, connection to all the known controllers is tried again.

When you select a given controller, connection to it is tried again. If credentials are required at this stage, a pop-up requests the username/password to the user.

So here is a first video of the work that has been done for the Settings page. The idea behind it (as described in this thread is very much like the selection of the WiFi network in the Settings app: iOS Console 2.1 Settings Review

Posted by ebariaux at Aug 04, 2011 10:57

That looks good.
Once you enter the credentials for a controller that needs authentication, will those be saved? If yes, how can you change the credentials?
Let's say more familiy member use the device and once I am done I don't want my son use the same credentials.

Posted by mredeker at Aug 04, 2011 11:14

Yes, credentials are saved.
The logout action that you can assign to a button in the modeler is supposed to forget those I think. I'll need to double check that.
Anyway, the details of the credentials (well username, pwd won't be displayed in clear text) will be displayed on the detail page for a controller. There I can also add a button the forget credentials.

Posted by ebariaux at Aug 04, 2011 11:17

I believe I should be able to push an updated 2.1 version in the near future (within the next 2 weeks) to Apple and would like to have the updated version tested a bit more.
If some brave souls want to give this version a try, please let me know here.
If you did send me your UDID in the past, then just shout here and I'll create a build for you.
Otherwise, please send an e-mail to eric [ at ] openremote [ dot ] org with your device UDID.

Posted by ebariaux at Oct 11, 2011 14:30

Just wanted to let everybody know that the 2.1 version of the iOS console has made it to the app store.
Available as an update to the existing 2.0 iPad console. But will now work on both iPad and iPhone.
If you had the older iPhone only version, you need to download the new application though.

Please do post any issue we're seeing with this version here on the forum.
Even though the UI and functionality has not changed a lot in this release, a lot has changed behind the scenes.
We should now be able to push a 2.2 with bug fixes and improvements a lot faster.

Posted by ebariaux at Nov 24, 2011 16:45
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