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Hi Guys,

I have an iOS iPad panel which has two WebView widgets which show streams from two different IP cameras I have.
The panel loads ok (although the images are static but I understand thats a known problem), the problem is that after a few minutes the entire OpenRemote app will crash.

I checked the iPad and there's no log file registering the crash.

I have an iPad 2 64gb, wifi running 7.0.6.
Server is a Raspberry PI running latest wheezy and the Java SE 8 for ARM Early Access jvm.

Does the crash occur while using the app or even if it's just sitting there for a few minutes?
Is this when displaying the page the web views ?
Can you identify a particular page / action that would trigger the crash (e.g. using tab bar item or a page with sliders or ...)?


Posted by ebariaux at Mar 10, 2014 09:10

Hi Eric,

I've seen this behaviour as well on an iPad 1. It's not related to any single button press or action. It seems to be that after a certain number of button presses, pages or in some cases a long time, the app crashes. When you restart, it restarts fine and you get returned to either the same page or the previous page you were on and the whole process repeats.

Most of the time the actual crash occurs when you press a button, regardless if the button is a navigation or actual action on a device. I have had times when I've just been sitting watching TV and then looked down at the iPad and noticed that it's crashed and gone back to the home screen.

I'm using the version of the iPad app that is in the App Store.


Posted by jst01 at Mar 14, 2014 00:49
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