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I've recently updated an old remote to take advantage of a new Global Cache iTach.

My app was originally designed to work in landscape with the portrait pages mostly empty as placeholders - generally with only a simple message saying what page it is and to turn the iPad around to use! However since I've started to work on the portrait pages, my app no longer rotates and seems to default to the portrait view.

The iPad itself rotates as normal, I've restarted the controller (a RPi v1 B), re-installed the OS on the RPi to the latest Wheezy build. I've tried re-syncing, cache-clearing & restarting more times than I can think of. I've also changed the page from 'portrait & landscape' to only 'landscape' and back again with no success. All the pages are setup the same - 'portrait & landscape'.

Is there a switch or flag somewhere I've missed? Any ideas would be appreciated.


Update. My old iPad 1 running an older version of iOS still allows the control to rotate between portrait and landscape. Opening the panels on a Huawei mediapad also allows me to rotate them. It seems that the issue is limited to my iPad running iOS 8.0.1.

8.0.2 is about to install, so I will test after that has completed.

Unfortunately rotation is no longer supported in newer IOS version, there many posts on this subject... we are all waiting for an update of the iOS console, pleaaaase

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