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I am did a small modification on my UI (on my iPad)
I am using the designer running under
However my UI won't update to my newest version.
Any idea what might be wrong?

Well, a very basic questions but – did you hit save after making the change in the designer. The auto-save only kicks in once every 5 minutes so if you were very quick in the designer and didn't save, maybe the change didn't go to the database.

If you log out and log back in to the designer, does it still reflect the change you made?

Posted by juha at Jun 10, 2013 16:27

Sorry for the late reply
Yes, I hit the save and Test UI button
If I log out of the designer and log back in the changes are still there.

Posted by dclaeys at Jun 15, 2013 07:30

Hi Juha,
I just find out that it mentions every time Error 500 the call failed on the server.
What can be the problem?

Posted by dclaeys at Jun 17, 2013 13:49

Can you copy the stack trace that is printed below the ERROR 500 here (the long list of code lines below the error message).

Also please mention which version of the controller you are using.


– Juha

Posted by juha at Jun 17, 2013 14:15

Hi,sorry for the late reply.
The problem is solved now, I reinstalled the controller software on my pc.

Posted by dclaeys at Jun 23, 2013 08:20
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