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Building my first implementation of OpenRemote and I had a couple questions/issues:

I have openremote controller running on a raspberry pi, I have a second rasppi running an airplay program and and 8 zone relay controller hooked to the GPIO for zone based audio on/off. I use webiopi to turn on/off the relays; and I built a switch using HTTP Get for status and HTTP post to turn on/off GPIO's.

1 - I have 8-12 relays I will be using as well as ~30 devices off a vera controller. Right now with about half these devices being installed and monitored at 1s polling the CPU is ~11. Is 1s polling typical and reasonable? Anything less than that makes the switch delay awkward.

2 - My webconsole (using my ipad panel) and ipad/iphone remotes work fine controlling the vera devices. The switch for the audio, that is a http post, the webconsole is updating on/off correctly. Both the ipad and iphone do not update from OFF to ON, when pressed they send an "ON message" (which works) but never change to ON within the switch label. THE GPIO on webconsole turn ON properly within the switch... if you press the switch again, it continues to post an ON message.

The dev.log does not show any relevant errors i can see... Thanks in advance for the help.


The API on webiopi replies back with 1 and 0 vs on and off. So, i created custom values that reversed with name and value... apparently this did not affect the web console but did the iPad. Still wondering what people are using for poling times though.


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