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Is there an update planned for the iPhone app so I can use the whole real estate of the display?


I was told via email from .com site they are working on the upgrade

Posted by drewscm at May 27, 2015 04:27

Yes, indeed. We realize you have been waiting for a long time! We have first done a new release on Android as that was really old (see ) and now are pushing the iOS version. It's just more work than we hoped for. Don't dare to commit to timing yet. But will keep you posted.

Posted by pierre kil at May 29, 2015 08:07

Is there any new status on this task?

Also, for the new iOS app is there any plans to incorporate Apple Watch features?

Posted by istian at Oct 31, 2015 13:28

I would like an update on the new iOS app as well, I feel like this is something that is important but has no attention. Been asking for it for over year now without progress. In fact haven't received any type of update in the past 6 months on the app.

Please update us.


Posted by drewscm at Nov 03, 2015 12:59

Can anyone comment on a timeline/releasdate for a new version...?
All we've been hearing is that your working on it.
This has been the story for several years.

Can we expect an update for iOS during 2016?

Posted by istian at Dec 13, 2015 10:02

I am going to second this request. Please provide some type of update


Posted by drewscm at Jan 22, 2016 14:26

Hi Scot, Istian and a lot of others, we realize that we are repeating ourselves over and over again. Only thing I can say here that iOS will come. Internally we have a version but still some bugs we want to get out of the way.

Posted by pierre kil at Jan 23, 2016 07:47

As I've said many times on the forums and Pierre also pointed out, we've been working for quite a while on a revision of the iOS console.
There are many reasons why it was taking a lot of time but I'm happy to report that we now have a first version that we feel is stable enough for people external to the core team to test.

Although some of the initial code is still present, a lot of things in this version of been re-written from scratch. For instance, all communications with the controller are now packaged in a separate client library, making it possible for 3rd parties to write application that talk to our controller.

On the customer facing side, the biggest and long awaited improvement is that we now support all iOS devices resolutions. To use that, you can design a custom panel using the appropriate resolution for your device. Please note that the resolution to use is the device resolution in points, not the display resolution in pixels (see here and here for information on the different resolutions).

We're using Apple TestFlight to distribute the current build to beta testers. If you want to be included in this test, please drop me an e-mail (eric at openremote dot org) with your name and the e-mail you use for your iTunes account.

Posted by ebariaux at Feb 08, 2016 15:43

Good to hear there is progress on this!

Posted by pz1 at Feb 08, 2016 15:53

Great! Looking forward to start using the updated app (on my wife's iphone...)

Posted by soyulv at Feb 13, 2016 17:54

Glad to see it released now. I unfortunately have encountered an issue with connecting to my controller. I get a "Generic HTTP Error" on the app when connecting to a controller (version 2.1.1) with user authentication enabled. I've check through all the logs on the controller and can't find anything to indicate an issue on the controller side. Is there anything more I can do to troubleshoot?

Posted by delasalle at Apr 22, 2016 14:22

I have also updated the app to the new version. I am not getting any errors however none of my sliders are working! I have tried several versions of the controller but the sliders remain not working. Since sliders are a crucial part of my light and heat control I am forced to role back to the old version of the app until this bug is fixed. Since sliders are working on the old app a assume it is app related.

Besides the sliders not working, the app is a lot quicker and is a greate update! Sensors, switches and buttons are working as before.

PS: is there a reason why it's not possible to add new topics to the forum, and why old topics with new comments don't get sorted to the top of the forum list?

Posted by istian at Apr 23, 2016 11:48

How have you managed to install the older version of the app?

Posted by lathwood at Apr 24, 2016 09:28

Hi Neil,

The way I rolled back was to delete the new version from my iphone, connect the iPhone to iTunes where an old version of the app is stored, and install the app through iTunes. It is important that you turn of the auto update app feature on your iPhone so that you dont automatically download and install the new version again.

Posted by istian at Apr 24, 2016 11:41

Hi, we are moving our forum to Google Groups!forum/openremotecommunity Can we ask you to already post feedback on iOS console there?

Of course saying 'we are moving to Google Groups' will raise more questions. Next month we'll share some more information on our plans. But having this discussion over there already helps.


Posted by pierre kil at Apr 24, 2016 11:44

I too resorted to rolling back the app. Sometimes you can find it in the trash with a .ipa extension. I infact kept a backup copy of the OpenRemote 2.1.3.ipa file

Posted by ggraja at Apr 24, 2016 14:24

Hi there,
Same issue, and same solution to fix it: Rolling back the app trough iTunes. The previous 2.1.3 was stored on my Mac.

Posted by nthnth at Apr 24, 2016 19:16
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