This page last changed on Jul 28, 2009 by juha.

The latest beta of The Boss 1.0 iPhone app has been tagged and its available in subversion here:

It still contains one or two known issues causing an app crash. We're testing the fixes for it at the moment. However, feature-wise the app is complete for 1.0 release. If you have an Apple developer account and the required toolset to compile and deploy iPhone/iPod Touch applications, feel free to do so and provide feedback.

For those who don't, we'll be happy to distribute the beta app ad-hoc to a select few beta testers (we're limited by number of testers by Apple). Feel free to leave a note here if you're interested in participating in the beta test.

Also, in order to test the iPhone application, you will need to be able to deploy and run the controller. A cross-platform version is available for download here:

If you want to use the iPhone and/or controller for infrared, you will also need to follow the steps to install LIRC on Linux here:

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