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Hybrid insulation inside and outside, is in the construction, operation and convenient external insulation construction site with external insulation, exterior insulation inconvenient parts for construction operations[url=]Weather Resistant Decking in Uk[/url] within the insulation, construction method thus building insulation. From construction operations point of view, mixed insulation can improve the construction speed, the external wall insulation does not protect to the walls, plates with cold (hot) bridge part of the facade junction of effective protection, so that the building is insulation in.

However, hybrid insulation for building structures, but there is serious damage.\External wall insulation practices parts make the structure of the building is mainly affected by the room temperature, the temperature change is relatively small, so the wall in a relatively stable temperature field, temperature deformation stress is relatively small; the inner parts of the insulation practices make the [url=]plastic retaining borders Cardiff[/url] wall structure of the building is mainly affected by outdoor ambient temperature, outdoor temperature fluctuations, and thus the temperature of the wall is relatively unstable field, the temperature difference is relatively large deformation stress. Partial insulation, thermal insulation within the insulation mix for topical use, so that the entire facades of buildings in different parts of the body have different strain rate and deformation dimensions, architectural structures in a more volatile environment, after years of structural deformation temperature difference cracks, thereby shortening the life of the entire building. Engineering practices used in the practice of internal and external heat insulation of mixed use is unreasonable, more than as an internal heat hazards. Exterior insulation, thermal insulation system is placed on the outside walls, making the building construction methods to achieve thermal insulation.

Since the outer insulation is placed outside the external walls of thermal insulation system, so that the temperature difference between the role of the main structure suffered significant decline, reducing the temperature deformation, the structure of the wall and can play a protective role in effectively blocking the cold (hot) bridge It is conducive to extend the life of the structure. Therefore, from the stability of the structure, it is conducive to the outer insulation has obvious advantages, in the case of an optional external insulation should be [url=]wood plastic sleeper[/url] preferred. However, since the outer insulation system is placed in the outer walls, various factors bear directly from nature, and therefore the external wall insulation system put forward higher requirements. To solar radiation and ambient temperature changes for its impact, as the insulation layer on the crack resistance of the protective layer is only 3mm ~ 20mm, and insulation material having a large thermal resistance, and therefore under the same conditions of heat, external insulation anti- The protective layer cracking temperature changes faster than the outer case without insulation body temperature changes faster pour 8 to 30 times. Therefore, the protective layer cracking flexibility and weatherability crack resistance of external thermal insulation system plays a key role.

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