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I've been banging my head on this for a couple of days.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Using OpenRemote online designer.

Used ilearn/itest/ihelp (from Global Cache) can learn IR codes and send them back out using laptop direct network connection to wifi router.

(local - of wf2ir) Ip is (DHCP)

Using OpenRemote Designer I can create panels with buttons and deploy to the iPad Air.

I created a device and a couple of commands using IR codes from iLearn, which control my Lutron Maestro light switch. Linked commands to buttons.

When I activate them from the iPad I get the following error box:

Command failed

The command was sent to an invalid URL

In the command setup I put:

Protocol TCP-IP

IP Address (tried with & without http:// prefix)

Port 4998

Command sendir,1:3,1 . . . same as used in itest that does control the light

I do the Saves, Syncs and re-open the ipad app.

What am I missing?

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