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I moved to a new house and my controller box no longer has internet. my setup is a win2000 box dedicated to running the controller and an IRtrans IR blaster.

I also got a new tv box. I had the irtrans learn the new commands and I flashed the irtrans. Using the irtrans GUI I verified I could send commands successfully (the LED lit up on the irTrans and the command successsfully turned off my stereo)

Because my controller box no longer has internet, I downloaded from the designer page, and went to localhost:8080/controller on my controller. I slected the file and chose to upload.

I started openremote on my android and it does not complain. When I click on a button on my panel, I can see the LAN light flash on the IR trans, but the LED does not flash(and yes it is configured to flash in the IRtrans software, and it does flash when using the IRtrans GUI). So something is going out the IRtrans, it just doesnt look like it is correct. I attempted to look for a logfile which would show something on the controller or even irtrans, but I see nothing, not even a log entry that i sent a command. Is there a way to turn on logging? I checked the openremote directory and even the entire computer but I do not see a log file being modified when I send a command.

searching the forums for 'log command' yields a lot of 'chat log' entries

My last ditch attempt would be to run wireshark...


okay found my problem after running wireshark. the irtrans responds back with 'no remote found'

apparently when I flashed ir trans with my updated db, I flashed it to zero remotes. I was trying to select a remote and clicked flash, when
(if you follow the video) you should right click on the remote in IRtrans and then click 'select'

lessons I learned:
1. watch the video closely
2. feedback other than running wireshark would be beneficial both from IRtrans(via a short onboard log file which could be retrieved by the gui) or by openremote. It looks to get the message, I just could not find it in a log file anywhere

good thing it was in plain text in wireshark...I'd hate to tr and chase down the protocol spec

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