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I'm trying to program a KNXnet/IP application on arduino. I know creating a one off UDP will probably be faster but I want the flexibility of trying out different controllers and KNX is supported by all of them.
I did figure out standard KNX messages but I'm left with a couple of questions on the difference between KNX and KNXnet/IP.

1) is it necessary to implement the ACK on IP or is it sufficient to be able to just read/write KNXnet/IP.

re: ACK

going by memory here, I don't have time to dig up the specs and look but:

IIRC, the client when sending a KNX frame can request an ACK from the destination by specifying that in the control bits field of the KNX frame. So if the sender is requesting an ACK, then the receiver should probably return one, otherwise things are likely to freeze up.

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