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Hi community,

I have a slightly abberant question, but I'm pretty confident some folks here are able to help.

I might have changed the UDP port of my KNX node type 20300 from the default UDP port 1634 to ???
It is now undiscoverable by any tool I know :
OR, ETS3 or 4, eibnetmux, Net'n'node, KNXlanconfig (the tool where I think I change the value for the UDP-port)
From some devices on my network I get a reply when pinging the fixed IP-address of the KNX node, not so from other.
I did arp and rarp request, but couldn't retrieve anything by MAC-address.
I do not see other connectors like serial or USB to connect with.

Now, as I could not immediately find any related posts by google or eib-forum, and can not find any manual about the device, but would like to get things running quickly, I hope someone here can help.
Does anyone know how I might get a connection with the KNX-node...
If not, is there a way to reset the device so it is set to the default LAN-configuration (I believe that it is DHCP with UDP 1634).
All other suggestions are welcome.

btw : I really do appreciate the OR initiative.
It takes a bit of learning, but once it runs and is configured well I think it is really nice software.

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