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Is there a way to use multiple KNXnetIP gateways or to use a broadcast rather then a single UDP connection?


Will need to check the code, I don't recall. Would like to add that feature in though, have sort of waited for someone to ask for it first. It strikes me as something that would be needed for professional installations, not necessarily for single home automation.

Posted by juha at Jun 10, 2013 16:25

thanks! that would be great.

I think it is not only good for large installations but also for emerging KNXnet/IP devices (e.g. a KNXnet/IP to dmx converter) For this to work it would be great to be able to do broadcast. The example above only listens to broadcast messages. Currently I can get it to work by using a KNXnet/IP router. Sending a message to the router will send it down the KNX-TP and also create a broadcast on the UDP side. A second thing I would need it for is to combine my Labview based system into OR. I can send and receive messages from Labview to KNX-TP using a router but it would be nice to be able to talk to OR directly at the same time.
I'm currently converting this LV based system into arduino. You can hook arduino up to KNX-TP using additional hardware ( but I think it would be better (more users) if you could do it using KNXnet/IP. Currently, broadcast on arduino is not straightforward (at least not to me). Being able to have multiple KNXnet/IP connections in OR would be great to link the two worlds (OR en arduino).

I hope this can convince you to spend some time on adding these features.
I will report back on my OR - arduino tail.


Posted by pspl at Jun 11, 2013 09:01
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