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I've implemented a zwave lighting control panel. One of my lights is a dimmer. I added the "dim" command but I don't know where to associate. I created both a "dim" and "status" command for the dimmer, then the sensor with the "status" command, then the slider with the sensor and the "status" command. the slider panel widget only takes the slider. so where does the "dim" command get used? I created switch for the dimmer and it does turn the light on and off and the slider widget does register 0 on OFF and 99 on ON.

To create a slider you you need a sensor and a dim command. The sensor is linked with the 'Status' command in order to update the slider position. The 'Dim' command is used to set the dim value. The 'Dim' command has to be associated with the slider (see 'setValue:' in the 'New Slider' mask).

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