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posted in designer forum but no response till now;

not able to see value bubble for slider in webconsole and Android smartphone;
maybe that are available only in Pro designer ?

In forum i found 2 points:
fromJussi (feb 14, 2013)
The thumb with the changing value while moving should be standard.
To have a label at the beginning just create a text label and position it where you want. Use the same sensor which is used for the slider and link that to the label
but from Slef:
The thumb with changing value while moving does indeed appear on my iPad, but not on my android devices.

From Eric (feb 15, 2012)
UI elements available in Modeler
(items in bold are currently available in the public release).
min image
track image min
thumb image
track image max
max image
inverted, usual direction is to have min on the left / bottom, when inverted, min is on right / top

value bubble display, indicates how the real-time value is displayed as the user moves the slider: above, below, left, right, none, label (displayed in a separate label only when user moves slider, label is blank when no action), label_always (real-time when the user moves the slider, current slider value otherwise)
value bubble label : link to a label in the UI where the real-time slider value must be displayed

value bubble non yet working ?
But in many examples can be seen

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