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Dear openremote,

Ihave been using open remote for some months now and have managed to control my knx home automation with great success up to yesterday Thursday 21/06/13 when everything crashed. This hapend while i was trying to add some more rules and macros. most of my commands and sensors show up two and three times and clearing them does not fix anything. My antroid phone connects to the controller but my switches do not work.

Is it posible to restore any older version before 21/06/13??

Kind regards,


I case that it helps i have a zip export file just before the problem occured. When i upload the zip file ofline everything works fine. I would apritiate would help as i have put a lot of effort into this and i would realy think twice having to start all over again.

Kind regards,


Can you send your account username and I will take a look.

Posted by juha at Jun 22, 2013 09:13

It looks like you are affected the same indexing issue that was reported here: Designer went crazy.

Will restore a backup copy. Please don't log into the account in the meanwhile.

Posted by juha at Jun 23, 2013 19:13

Your account has been restored to last saved date that was created before June 20th when the server had insufficient memory issues which looks a likely candidate to have started the save problems.

Posted by juha at Jun 24, 2013 00:17

Hello Juha,

Sorry for not replying earlier. Thank you for your help and the restore. It looks ok now. I will test it the next few days and let you know if there are any issues.

Thanks again!!


Posted by stavroschar at Jun 24, 2013 17:35
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