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My open remote web controller is working fine for al my enocean modules.
I read my bell pushbutton in with an enocean module and want to play a sound on my ipad triggered by a rule when somebody is at the door.
Reading the input is no problem, with rules i have some experience.
Can somebody help me (step by step) how i can program this functionality?

Kind regards

Michal Rutka has something for Android on his blog

Posted by pz1 at Feb 09, 2015 08:15

It is currently not possible to trigger any event on the console (iPad) from the controller.

The "best" you could do is have an image appear on the UI when somebody rings at the door, but this means you need to have the OpenRemote console app running and be looking at your iPad.

Posted by ebariaux at Feb 13, 2015 07:52
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