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Hi - forgive what might be a newbie question, I have a slight niggle with my OR project.

In the contoller.xml file there's a port value (used by the client) to connect to the controller. What configuration setting should I set to reconfigure it (to 8181). I have changed the WEB-INF/classes/ file to use 8181. But when I sync with the designer, the controller.xml file always contains 8080 and not 8181. I must be missing something obvious.

I am deploying the controller as a WAB (Web Application Bean) in a OSGI container Karaf/Servicemix. After a few other niggles I have the controller running - but would like the port to default to 8181 (in the xml file) whenever I resync.

As an aside -Servicemix allows my project to develop various services to integrate devices tv - amp - mythtv - zwave switches - mpd, using both web services, and more interesting message orientated brokers (camel/activemq). Each component will be developed as a bundle which exposing services that can be wired together using async EIP patterns (pub-sub, provider-consumer, CXFRS REST, and CXFRS RPC for OR). So far it's really fun.

In the online designer you have a section "Config for controller" and within that a discovery setting. Try to change that.

OSGI and Servicemix sounds interesting. We kinda want to get rid of Tomcat anyway some time in the future.

Posted by mredeker at Feb 26, 2012 09:27

Thanks Marcus... (Doh!)

There looks like there's a lot to be gained by running services in an OSGI container - which is why I am going this route. Also I am very interested in EIP patterns, and message orientated (event driven) solutions. It's a squeeze to get this running on the ALIX but I haven't had a look at a minimal service assembly yet.

Using messages, components can be integrate asynchronously which feels so right to me. For example, I'm going to use OpenZWave to build a daemon which communicates with the OSGI bus (smx bundles) using two queues - one to allow the bus to send commands to the daemon, the other to listen and respond to OZW events (queues will be implmented via ActiveMQ as wrapped by Camel). All state is managed in a cache, which is accessible (via a nmr service) across each service bundle. Bundles will be designed and developed for my devices and made accessible through both REST and RPC based API's. I am using Http RPC as an on-ramp for the OR controller.

So far so good... the bits I have built so far are running ..

Thanks for the nudge regarding the port.

Posted by happybird at Feb 26, 2012 10:19
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