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I have a bash script that is called when OR wants to play a sound file for audio notifications round my house. I have several PCs round the house that can play the audio but I don't always want them ALL playing it. To this end my bash script calls on the OR REST API to read the state of a sensor for each PC, they are sensors that read "on" for "mute".

Regardless of the above the situation is its a command type Shell execution protocol that calls a bash script and the bash script makes calls to the OR REST API.

On rare occasions when I start up OR it sometimes hangs and there is none of the usual logging going to the dev log, in fact its totally non responsive. At that time I find processes open for me bash script. If I try making any REST API calls using my browser I can see that the call to OR hangs for an answer. The fix is easy, I have my scripts give up if the API call takes too long, however perhaps OR should not be firing off ANY external scripts/commands until its ready to serve the REST API during startup?

Just a thought, as I said it is a rare event, possibly caused only when my server at that exact time is being made busy by some other process.



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