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Hi everybody do you guys install openremote professionaly? i would like to have some feedbacks about people who install openremote as a buisness.



We use OpenRemote pro in commercial situations.

What kind of info are to looking for?



Posted by mdar at Apr 30, 2016 07:23

Hi stuart,

I have been working time to time with openremote since 2010 (personal use), i like the software a lot but i was wondering if it's stable enough to be installed professionnaly compare to others home automation solutions.



Posted by steelpan1983 at May 31, 2016 13:15

Hello Adrian,

There are a number of commercial deployments of OpenRemote Pro Controllers around the world, but most have been rebranded so the end user would never know.

The website mentions a few of them.

It really comes down to matching the right automation hardware with the right sized machine to run the controller/s on.

There is a wonderful project we're all working on right now that will use over 100 small controllers to handle the end user experiences, then a whole building controller for the management overview.

When it's up and running we'll be releasing a white paper with more information.

Regarding whether OpenRemote is more robust than any other system, I think that comes down to how well the overall system is designed.

Personally, I have only experienced a few tiny issues, which turned out to be of my own making, or simple internet access issues.

If you'd like professional assistance with your future projects, please reach out to the OpenRemote Pro team or contact me directly.

As the support for OpenRemote is migrating to Google Groups, please follow this link -!topic/openremotecommunity/z9IVUWIKqaQ

Posted by mdar at Jun 02, 2016 11:24
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