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hello. not sure if i'm doing this correctly.
I believe x10 modules may be the solution to my remote problem. However I do not know where to get the device I require. I will tell you forum people what I want to do and perhaps you can advise me on the best device to do it. It seems simple enough but all the devices I have come across so far would not suit.
All I want to do is send pulse width modulation data to a remote location in my own house. pwm for short.I see 2 ways to do this. either by rf communication ie modulating a radio frequency wave with the pulse information. Alternatively sending the pwm data down the power lines. Not sure if the second method would work but I know it is one of the solutions of x10 technology. In both cases you need a sending and a receiving unit.
I don't need usb or serial connections to my laptop or anything like that. I have full control over the pwm data which I want to send to the remote location. The only small rf transmitting and receiving devices I have been able to find are more for car door remotes. These have added complications of decoding which I don't need and they also are only designed for short pulse trains not the continuous pwm I want.
So if any of you forum guys can suggest the best device for the job I would be grateful.

How does this relate to a OpenRemote installation?

Posted by pz1 at May 22, 2014 11:01

How about using a pair of arduinos?

Posted by atamariya at May 29, 2014 07:39
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