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Hello, I have an ebox with OR installed on it. Purchased it, factory installed.
I also have a denon AVR receiver, which can be controlled with the build in denonAVRSerial.

I checked the cable which is a 'straight' one with db9f and one end and db9m at the other.
I connected the cable to the receiver (no choice there) and to the serial 1 port of the ebox.

The receiver does not react to my commands...

Looking in the documentation, there is an instruction:

Serial port
Make sure that the correct port is configured under denonAVRSerial.comPort. If you are using a USB serial port under Linux, this is likely to be /dev/ttyUSB0.

can someone tell me how to make those changes?

No idea how to access which file here. I do not know how to adress the ebox neither. I only have a functionning webmin interface...
how to share its filesystem, so that I can make changes over tcp/ip?

what is the right name for the first com port on the ebox? Mind you I not really fluent in linux matters.

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ok. I found out how to enter in the linux system of the ebox (voyage), have access to the prompt. Did enter the command dmesg | grep tty and got a list with 3 ports,
ttyS0, ttyS2 and ttyS3.
I suppose ttyS1 is reserved for console matters.

for the people wanting to know: use a terminalclient e.g Putty and open a ssh session to the ip adress of the ebox. login is root, password is eboxor

Now I will look for the file containing denonAVRSerial.comport...tell you all where I found it!


Posted by oliviertoebosch at Dec 08, 2014 21:45

/opt/OpenRemote-Controller-Pro1.0.14/webapps/controller/WEB-INF/classes is the place were this file resides

edit the file with the standard installed vi editor, which is not that userfriendly

will test all the possibilities and revert with the tty designation for com2. Hopefully this works.
The ebox is equipped with two serial ports but still the image shipped with the ebox is configured to talk over usb with a denon receiver. Strange choice...So no joy, you are obliged to dig into linux!



Posted by oliviertoebosch at Dec 09, 2014 18:12

So all of the tty ports tested. None worked. Wondering if the serial speed has to be set somewhere...

Posted by oliviertoebosch at Dec 09, 2014 18:39

Well, I use eBox with Bose through serial. Because my eBox does not have RS232 port I use an USB<->RS232 converter
Instead of adding a new protocol to Openremote to support my Bose Lifestyle, I use Python and run it through shell command interface - it works bidirectional. In Python setting com port parameters is done like this:

import serial
ser = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyUSB0',19200,timeout=2)
Posted by aktur at Dec 10, 2014 11:21
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