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Has anyone integrated these little Kankun Small K switches into openremote ?

im sure it can be done through the webview area

the switches run openwrt and already have a script on the switch which lets me turn it on and off with different web addresses

we have people who made json.cgi and relay.cgi already but im not sure how to call the switch from openremote i have tried a bunch of ways but no luck.

I run my openremote from my Qnap server at home and seems most times when i add new webview items to my design then the panel will not load on my web browser or on my android phone , seems to get stuck in some sort of loading loop so i cant see any of my items ( i also control my home KNX from the openremote app)

the commands by web are: (supposing the switch you want to control is at ip

talking to relay.cgi

From any web browser connected to the plug, you can now issue commands to the smart plug. Change the IP address to the appropriate one for your device. will inquire whether the relay is on or off. will tell the smart plug to turn the relay on. will tell the smart plug to turn the relay off. will toggle the relay from on to off, or off to on.

anyway not sure if anyone has done it before ? inf not i would be willing to pay someone (via paypal ) to tell me how to do it .. .

some background from people who made relay.cgi



I would suggest that it would be easy enough to use those commands in the HTTP protocol, within OpenRemote.

Webview isn't the way forward.

The only thing to find out is it the data that is returned from the Status command can be used in an OpenRemote switch sensor.

If it can, you can assign the On & Off commands to an OpenRemote switch too.

Is this enough information for you?

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