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I will contact to resolve two problems, which are relatively simple to solve for you.
I currently piloting a western digital multimedia player by telnet or I have no problem.

  • I would like to fly a Denon amp hc egalament telnet which I have the controls and sensors and controls function but bad because the product between commands abesoin a disconnection to take the next.
    how can I do with open remote to solve this problem?
  • I have an analog camera converts ip with trendnet, this one is recording correctly, viewing distance http also webview but with a window open in the remote is not refreshed.
    how to refresh?

I think for you or your colleagues, these problems will be the rules very easily by your skills.

cdlt pierrick

Should have put this on the user forum.
The telnet command does close the session after each command. Nothing can be done unless the command is rewritten.
The webview is refreshed based on a status sensor. You will need a virtual command that via rule or something changes the URL for webview eg. add a number or timestamp to URL.

Posted by mredeker at Jul 13, 2015 00:42

I'm sorry if I post in the wrong place.
there is a tutorial on the control of a Denon amp but this does not react in the same way. with putty I am obliged to close the telnet connection and reopen to send a second command (the server gives an answer and do not call me the next line) with OpenRemote I have sent two successive commands (the first and rejects me 2nd is taken into account). I need you because I really can not find the solution. or do I make changes to webview?

Posted by pierrick300912 at Jul 13, 2015 07:38
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