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first post , please be kind

Landscape as follows
-Veralite as gateway/controller
-RaspberryPi as OR controller
-Fibaro Universal/Binary Sensor FGBS321 + 4 DS18B20 temp sensors
All working okay - can read and display the temp in the vera UI

Display the 4 temerature readouts in a simple ORC panel on iphone as text

Ive been digging through the forum and no luck on specifics so I dived right in
I can create the panel with some buttons and have it display on my iphone so that part is working (panel and controller sync)

I added the universal sensor as a device (ORC notes that the FGBS001 is supported and I have the FGBS321, not sure of this is an issue, I tried swapping FGBS001 for FGBS321 but no luck)
I created a command to read the temp from that a specific ID of one of the temp sensor
I displayed thevera.xml ot gte the correct ID's for the sensors and confirm that they are working
I then created a sensor and linked it to the command
I then created label to display the temperature readout (I also tried a button but no luck)
I think all the 'connections' are working as I'm getting N/A in the label insteaed of the 'U' which I entered when I created it
....but not getting the temp being displayed

To be honest I'm not clear about the relationship between a command and a sensor and the other elements of the ORC stack for my scenario so I'm not sure even if the appraoch above is correct

Any help would be really appreciated

FGBS-001.PNG (image/x-png)

Maybe you get the N/A because the returned value is to long (many digits after the decimal point)
So you can try with a much wider field in your user interface as a first step.

In my RaZberry application I use a http call to retrieve this temp sensors. I do apply a regular expression to 'tame' the output:

Posted by pz1 at May 23, 2014 10:04

Thanks Pieter
I did widen the field but didnt improve
I have seen some information on using a http call but don't really understand it but if you could point me to a good forum article I can go through it
Would you be able step through how you set it up in open remote (commands, sensors, devices) I might be able to find my way from there


Posted by smithforc at May 23, 2014 11:58

Did you already look at OpenRemote 2.0 How To - Micasaverde Vera?

Posted by pz1 at May 23, 2014 12:04

This is where I saw that the Fibaro FGBS-001 is supported and was wondering if the FGBS321 was supported yet (perhaps this is my problem ???)

I didnt manage to get a result from implementing the GENERIC_STATUS solution. I also tried other commands and sensor combinations but no luck there either.

I've been reading many of the great docs on the site and forum but haven't been able to find a solution
Have you come across any good section that covers OpenRemote commands/sensors 101 to make sure my understanding is solid

I didn't pursue the HTTP part but if you feel the solution to my proble is in this doc I'll give it another pass

thanks again
any other thoughts welcome...

Posted by smithforc at May 23, 2014 14:31

okay - been doing a little more reading and I think I have the command/sensor part understood

Step 1- I need to create a device that represents the Universal Binary Sensor (FBGS-321)
Step 2- Create 4 commands to read the 4 temp sensors connected to the device above
Step 3- Create 4 sensors to make them available in the UI openremote designer

three (quick ??) questions...
1) Do we know if the Fibaro FGBS-321 Universal Binary Sensor is supported by OpenRemote (I can see that the FGBS-001 is on the list, I think this is an earlier version)
2) Do I use a 'label' in the UI designer to actually display the temp value
3) when I create either the commands and the sensors is there anyway I can check that these are operational without embedding it in the UI ?

thanks again for all the help/advice


Posted by smithforc at May 23, 2014 14:57

I have been looking into this FGBS001 and FGBS321 issue. It hard to find the difference. On the Fibaro site FGBS321 is described as version 2.1-2.3. I got mine as FGBS001, but the enclosed leaflet said it was v2.1 - v2.3 as well.
I guess towards reading the temperatures they ought to be identical.

ad 2) Yes place a lable on the UI and use the sensor you created

ad 3) If the command you created is an http command, you can try the URL with FF, Chrome, whatever

PS: I have no knowledge about the Vera interface. I do use RaZberry to control my Z-Wave devices (not overly happy about that yet)

Posted by pz1 at May 23, 2014 15:20

Thanks Pieter
Re the FGBS confusion
I got them from here in ireland and checked the packaging last night and no where does it say its a 321. I checked the leaflet and it states v 2.1-2.3 so I assume I have 321

I'll give it another go over the weekend and may even try the HTTP route as I can check that in a browser before invoking the designer. (it would be great to know it's reading the value as it'll verify another few steps)

I think the vera is transparent to all this but hopefully I'll verify this over the weekend


Posted by smithforc at May 23, 2014 15:56
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