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Compare the use of the area: the radiator heating radiator takes up not only the use of the area, and room heating pipes occupy the same floor area. Such as the thickness of the radiator is 10cm, when installed[url=]plastic composite decks and fencing Europe and the Middle East[/url] away from the wall 5cm, heating heating network plus heating cover 5cm, thickness is 20cm, width 150cm, height 270cm, so took up 0.81 cubic meters of floor space and 0.3 square meters of usable area . This is only a set of radiator occupied floor space and use of the area, this residence required 11 groups radiators, the customer will lose the use of an area of ​​3.3 square meters!

However, one of the advantages of floor heating is not occupied by the use of an area, trap small enough to be placed in a corner of the bathroom or kitchen. In particular, the developer uses floor heating, virtually to the customers to increase the use of the indoor area, but also as a hot selling point, an appropriate increase in the sales price. Comfort comparison: Heating tablets belong [url=]how long do composite deck tiles last[/url] to the air convection cooling effect on the flow of heat through the opposite half of the house, so the heat generated is head cold feet. The floor heating is different, the heat rising from the foot, resulting in the following high temperature and low temperature above the temperature gradient, the effect is clear foot hot head, in line with human physiological needs, to completely avoid the "cold starting from the feet" phenomenon, people feel very comfortable feeling.

Compare the cost of decoration: for aesthetic, decorative packaging on the radiator, to households and developers to increase the economic burden. The floor heating is not necessary to decorate each room temperature can be adjusted, floor heating circuits each have a valve control, the user can adjust the valve to adjust the appropriate temperature. Glass and condensation problems on walls using floor heating from South Korea and Japan, countries and regions, field trips, the fact that the walls and floor-glazing would not produce [url=]pvc joist decking ireland[/url]condensation. Moreover, the company through several years of practice I could prove, not for the floor-to-floor heating glass doors and walls produce condensation. It has been used for six years and with three floor doors and windows are made of winter never happened this phenomenon, worthy of trust.

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