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I've a 512MB Raspberry, loaded with 2012-12-16-wheezy-raspbian, jdk 1.6 and OpenRemote 2.0.1. Created a simple panel with on test label and synced it with the RPi. When I point my browser (FireFox) to the webconsole it never gets past the loading panel screen. On the RPi I see a "REST API" java exception. This is obviously operator error but I have no clue. Any one have a hint?

I am having the same problem. It doesn't matter the browser or the OS (Chrome/FF/IE, XP/Vista/7), the result is the same.

Posted by bluckey at Feb 24, 2013 21:32

Hmm, wondering if it could be a timeout problem that is not correctly handled?

How does your panel load to iOS or Android on raspberry ?

Posted by juha at Feb 25, 2013 03:40

The loading issue in the webconsole is already reported in various threads.
Do you have a chance a can test with iOS or Android?

Posted by mredeker at Feb 25, 2013 11:51

I am running two panels right now on iOS without issue. One is on an iPhone 4S and the other an iPad 2.

Posted by bluckey at Feb 25, 2013 16:33

I don't either device to test iOS or Android. I did try the patched 2.0.0 version:

and the exception went away but the perpetual load did not.

Posted by drbaud at Feb 27, 2013 22:34

Rebooted the RPi (using the patched 2.0.0 version), deleted the old one button panel in the designer, created a new iPad panel with one button and a tab bar, synced the new panel to the RPi and pointed my browser at the webconsole. The panel displays just fine albeit at 320x480. Moving on.

Posted by drbaud at Feb 27, 2013 23:36

As I have mentioned other thread, I have same problem. Though I have one browser which loads webconsole correctly from RPi on 2.0.1: My Nokia N9 stock browser.

I did some experiments with different controller versions during weekend:

Mentioned patched 2.0.0: works(webconsole obviously missing some features like full screen)
2.0.1 stable: stuck on loading controller/panel screen
2.0.2 build from svn 7811: stuck on loading controller/panel screen
Controller_ProInstaller_1_0_7_20130213 build from svn 7811: works(though had to use offline upload for panels).

Posted by nokk3r1 at Mar 03, 2013 14:40

same at me:

System: RPi
Image: 2013-02-09-wheezy-raspbian
OR: OpenRemote-Controller-2.0.2
Java: jdk-8-ea-b36e-linux-arm-hflt-29_nov_2012.tar

Webconsole is running. My controller will be found, but when I am trying to load a panel it stucks.
I am able to sync, but I am not able to "Reload configuration and clear cache". It always say: "Failed to reload configuration and clear cache!"

Any help?

Posted by tjakobi at Apr 04, 2013 14:27

Same problem for me.
I just sync the new configuration and never reload & clear cache.
Does that create a slow server for me?

Posted by hank at Apr 04, 2013 14:51

My ios app always says that it canĀ“t find the server since the error message apears before the app connects to RPI.

Posted by hank at Apr 04, 2013 14:52
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