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I already have Linux (Ubuntu 8.04 server AMD64) running all the time.  I would like to 'play' around with openremote and install it first on the server without the need to buy another computer (yet).  How do I do that ?

Also to 'play' around I need to a ip-to-knx interface and I do not find any hardware tips for that.  Is the Siemens KNX IP Interface N 148-21 alright for openremote ?

Hello Dirk,

We are working to get a milestone out that will let you do exactly that. Some details still that need to be resolved (see the latest blog: New Video -- infrared end-to-end, the what is next section.

For KNX play, we are still working on it, need to get code complete for the controller part which we've scheduled for May. We've also got another KNX product in the pipeline which we will announce soon.

For the milestone 1, you will need the IR hardware for transmitting, KNX is not there yet.

For KNX hardware we need to start testing against different IP interfaces, I will let Marc and Jorg comment on what they are using right now. Whatever these guys have will likely be what we will validate first for RI, would be happy to then get your experience with the Siemens hardware also verified and included.

Posted by juha at Apr 20, 2009 13:28


the Siemens N148 is ok. I've one myself. Also working are the Mertens (don't have the article number now) and the eibmarkt KNXnet/IP gateway.

Posted by jfalkenberg at Apr 20, 2009 21:36


I'll start as soon as the milestone is available.


Posted by d dupont at Apr 21, 2009 08:07
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