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as I wrote somewhere, I still have trouble on my Android (which might be solved by looking through the XML code of the panels)
I tried out the webconsole instead and it works very well. Works on my Desktop PC running Win 8.1 in Chrome, running on my Android phone, but trying to get it connected on my Windows Phone nothing happens. I can see the start screen with the three buttons but cannot press any of them. I tried this with original i-explorer and with opera mini and UC browser. Non worked in any way.
I know, most of the times user asking things about non working software oversee something, but I cannot imagine what I oversaw here.

So please, any clever advices for me? (and please, no debate on principles about phone os. I have very good reasons for using windows phone and the phone OS should in no way be the reason why a web page is off duty)

Hi Achim,

The web console works reasonably well on most webkit based browsers; Chrome would always be my recommendation but I don't believe Google have made a version for WP as of yet and not sure there are any other webkit based browsers.

Yesterday I put a new version of the Android console on dropbox which you may want to try: -

Android Console 2.2.0


Posted by kurrazyman at Jan 19, 2015 18:15


I just installed the mentioned version. It very quickly shows up and is gone the same second. Seems like this version also has problems with the probably messed up entries in the XML file. I need to have either a look at it some day or renew my design...

I do not think any browser on a windows phone is build upon webkit. I think the all basis is iexplorer mobile. So maybe if I finish my two current projects I could have a look at how complicated a pure windows phone console it to develop...

cu soon

Posted by obelix at Jan 20, 2015 19:10
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