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Hello just bougth the aeontec siren gen 5.
Had to include it manually, even with the designer pro

added two test buttons (on and off) to a panel and tested them. the siren functionned very loudly

Now I would like to set some parameters in the siren.

How do one do this? I have found a document stating that I have to set parameter 37 to a two byte hex number

tried a custom command, type z-wave, node 6 (the 6th zwave device) and then as command CONFIGURATION_SET 37 51

can this work? because it doesn't for me... is it the right syntax? how to send configuration strings to a zwave device?

Or is 'not supported yet'?
I noticed that many devices have this style of parameter setting.

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I had the same question...fixed here thanks to the helpful folks on the forum:

Posted by niedejb at Sep 23, 2015 00:02
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